A busy night


It's a deep night here and I am going to do a secret job. It is a secret because I cannot say what exactly I am going to do. This should be done a long time ago. oh I am sooo an irresponsible person! I know the reason of being such a person. I won't tell anyone though.
I am having a green tropical tea right now. One cup of tea is on my table-hot, another one is cooling in the refrigerator. Green tea is the best way to fight with sleepiness. I have four hours to work on my 'puter now then I'll have to go to do my janitor's work. In the evening I looked out of my balcony window to estimate damage that was done by people on Saturday & Sunday. LOL The street littered with bits of rubbish, overfilling bins, weeds put out of the ground and thrown on pavement-that's not all. I will spare feelings of people reading my entry and will not tell about the rest. So my work day is going to be busy to put it mildly...
The reason to like rainy weather is that people stay home, do not smoke and drink bear in the street, children do not play in a sand-box and so on, so on.
I hope it's not going to be 31-34 Celsius again.


31* Celsius


I am cooked.
On Friday I promised to my friend to be online.
After work I lay in bed saying "...just for five minutes..." those five minutes turned into three hours.
Sitting at my 'puter makes me fall asleep.
My brain refused to think in such hot weather.
It is around midnight that I am able at last to write something.
In the day it is sooo hot that I am sweating as never before.
Everything seems to be fluffy through this hot air, like images in desert.
Asphalt is melting, car's tires leave deep tracks...
I wonder, was the glass fusing as well that that fly stuck to it?
OH I can't put a pic here for some reasons. Is there something wrong with the site?
Believe me the picture of the fly is worth seeing. hahahaha especially enlarged. Then you can see its hairy body. The hairs on a Fly collect all kinds of germs ewwww and spread around on what it lands.
I will put this pic later if I can of course.

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Not much...

Saturday. It's a short work day for me. hehe Until it comes out of course. I emptied bins and swept sunflower seed's peel beside each porch. Sighed and didn't think about people that they were swines. Usually it makes me angry. Street was clean except one place where a car drove off and there were cigarette stubs left. Before I thought that somebody sits in the car, smokes continously and throws stubs on the ground. Now I know-that is just a driver shakes out the car's ashtray. Just nice!
To be continued...


Mushrooming is a sort of gamble....really


That was first mushroom I saw in the forest today. It is Мухомор порфирный haha
A minute later I found a big beautiful white mushroom. I think that mushrooms themselves jumped into my packet hahaha So many I found today less than for three hours. I think I gained experience in finding mushrooms, what places they prefer, how they like disguise in the grass, etc. :)
My "catch" today:

This white mushroom seems to have a grass crown over its hat. :)

I am only eating mushrooms and drink Pepsi. hahaha
I can't help going in the forest. I can't understand how I lived without it whole four or five years. I only enjoyed forest in winter.
Now in winter also I will recollect about summer eating fragrant mushroom soup. :) yummy



I spent half of the day in the forest. After my work I paid for Internet and went to the forest. This time I went to the other forest where I don't ride my bicycle. Once I tried but there was soo much trash that it was unpleasant to see and painfully. Why then I went there today you may ask. Because mom of my daughter's girlfriend usually picks mushrooms there. So I decided to check that forest. I must say as I entered the forest I was ready to cry seeing soo many plastic and glass bottles, plastic plates, paper and other trash. But what was VERY STRANGE — in first half an hour I had all kinds of mushrooms that I picked in other forest during a day!!! AND!!! I found first WHITE MUSHROOM!!! WOOOOOOOWWWWW I will show the picture here. Why I was so exciting? Because what we call white mushroom is a king of all mushrooms! that is the best mushroom, even better that one that grows beside Birch ( podberezovik). Well, later I had a chance to make sure that this mushroom is really a king in the forest. Click here, you'll understand why I said so. :)
those who addicted to mushrooming with weak nerves DO NOT CLICK!!!

Well I didn't have such gigantic white mushrooms, but today I had whole four good, I mean not touched by worms, podberezoviks. One of them was gigantic :) And I had lots of mushrooms that is called "field mushroom" , just my kind was forest one. They are soo tasty! Yum-yum :) There are two pixs, one of the young mushroom, another of a mature one. :)

Here is a pic of the mushroom that grows in Birch forest, found today :)

This kind of mushrooms I had to throw away coming home. My neighbour said they are considered poisonous now. Yuck! To say the truth I had been eating them all my childhood. Well, let's not to think about bad...

They are called "svinushki" in Russian.

This is a beautiful mushroom but bad. haha I didn't hope to find it. Though this mushroom started molding haha it can be cleary seen, white spots on its hat. We call a top of mushroom a hat and on what it stands we call a leg. I don't know what it is called in English though. By the way what is poison for people, for animals can be a treat. Moose eat this mushroom when they are ill. English name is fly agaric.

Here is a picture of a very tasty mushroom with a snail, he he the snail without its shell. The picture was taken at home on our kitchen table. Lena refused eat at the table after that little photosession. I didn't know Lena could jump so high when I showed a snail to her. The world record would be hers!
ohh forgot to say about the mushroom, Russian name sounds like "foxes" :)

I saw berries of dogrose. hahaha it's funny how they call this plant. We call it "shipovnik" because in Russian "ship" is a thorn. Rose has thorns as well, but why dog?rose??? I wonder.
Maybe my friend can explain, who sent me today such a wonderful Good night email ;)
I will read it again for I am going off to bed.
It was soo lovely day in the forest. I just regret my friends can't be with me here. I hope they forgive my addiction to the forest with mushrooms. I er....may not be online tomorrow again.


It's pouring...

I returned from the forest completely soaked. I took off my trousers and socks as I crossed the threshold and closed the door. Lena asked a silly question, "Why are your pants wet?"
—Why do you think I'm wet? You asks like I was not in the forest and it is not raining outside!
And now I sent Lena to the shop. It started coming down even harder as she left. ohhhh She went because I said, " Don't you want to go and buy bananas? Crab meat, mayonnaise, sour cream, something sweet for tea."
I know if I wouldn't start with bananas, right away she would have said NO, she wouldn't have even listened to what else was in the list. LOL I know what to start with. hahaha
I love rain. :)

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In the wet forest...


It was drizzling from time to time all day long. I went to the forest at 2 o'clock.
ohhh I should have named my entry Nature's Photosession instead of In the wet forest.... hahah
First my pictures were of a bumble-bee. I thought it was stuck with thistle, therefore dead, but then it moved. I completely forgot that settings of my camera were set on high resolution for large pictures so I am sorry not to put here that " Middle Aged Knight Bumble-bee"! You must see it to understand why I named it this way. ohhhh I got a very good macro picture but it is about 2 MG.
Here are some wet pictures: ":)

In the edge of the forest I found an apple tree. It was small like a bush with the only apple on it. You can see a building in the background of the pic. The one is under the apple is being built, the one on the right is where I live in. :-)

I was picking up this kind of mushroom. I am hoping they are edible hahaha

I saw some puff-balls. I heard they are edible, but never tried.
Beautiful, right?

I don't know English name for this mushroom, but it only grows on Birch. This mushroom looks like a shell, doesn't it?

My biggest joy was when I saw a mushroom, very valuable! I even picked it before I remembered to take a pic of it.... O me poor! I cursed myself with words: What a stupid Annet! What a stupid Annet! WWWWWWhat stupid! These mushrooms are really rare in the forest, especially at this time of year.

Pictures of my previous walk in the forest are great but I am too tired to write another entry.
By the way, there's lightning now. Very well, there will be more mushrooms in the forest, Annet will be happy.
More rain-less work :)


The movie has just ended, that's why I write sooo late. The movie is called "A certain age, or all of men are bastards". That's like an American movie " Sex and the City". Four women and their relationship with men. Mostly I like this movie because of the actress-Julia Menshikova.
Tomorrow I am going to the American Center to watch "Tears of the Sun". Today I watched DVD " Must Love Dogs". That's why I am laughing, it's just movies' entry!
oh...Tears' review is quite negative.... I hope Bruce Willis, one of my favourite actors, plays so that I will like this movie just because of him. Well, I won't know it untill tomorrow.
Today :) chatting with my friend I took away from him all things to write with. He had nothing but to call me. :) No wonder I smiled all day long then. If you have a dear friend who you can talk to by voice, who teaches you to pronounce different mean words in English, who has patience to understand your thick Russian accent, who cares of you- you are happy. Then you wear a smile on your lips all day and you don't care that for all people it's a smile with no reason and they consider you being silly. hahaha But you don't care as I said. Then you are happiest of all just because of this state of your soul that has been singing all day. Why else do I love a voice chat? Because in spite of miles between me and my friend I can hear his caugh or whistle so like he's just behind the wall in my flat. This is a wonderful sensation...for me...
LOL You, lol, who is a hero of my today's entry, I sooo like to hear your "Yeaa" in a reply of my "Biiiiiiill?"
I soo like it, Bill...
Sometimes my friend knows about events in my country better than I do, sometimes it happens quite the contrary. Now Eskimo-Indian Olympics take place in Alaska. My friend should tell me about some competitions. But it appeared so that my friend had known it from me. :laugh:
First I watched the video of Alaskan High Kick. I think when an athlete jumps up and kicks a little ball hanging high by his/her foot it is not easy thing to do, especially when they do it from the position like sitting on squat. In my opinion it was really impossible to do!
Then I watched the video of the competition "Women's Ear Pull". OHHHHHH I wonder how did they come to do that? Two women sit opposite each other with the rope put on their ears and they pull it every in her own side! Who is stronger. My guts are getting shuddered again, even though I am writing about it not watching again. yuk They hurt their ears really bad! AND... information to think of... THERE"S NO COMPETITION "Men's Ear Pull" !!!!!
A competition " Kneel Jump" is very nice. They sit on their knees and then jump up on their feet, who is further. ( here I am not sure further or farther, tricky English!) The girl said it helps them in hunting. I still have one question to ask...what does ear pull help to???
hahahaha Want to laugh? Look at Eskimo's "Greased Pole Walk"!!! haha it's really fun!
They put something like cream on the round log and athletes must go on it. But they slip and slide instead! The fans keep on shouting GO GO GO GO GO hahah it's just easy to say!
video is still here www.adn.com/
I enjoyed watching the video. Thank to the provider I can use Internet much more now!
ohhhh it's too late to write about my experience to change CD-Rom in my 'puter to DVD-RW-Rom and my watching " Must Love Dogs". I can do it later on...haha a pile grows!!!



I am mad. I have just finished my work. I saw a plastic bag filling all bin after I have emptied it. Is that fair? Besides they started to mow the lawn again where I have just swept up. What a day! Just I am not going to redo all my work not even on pain of death!



Today I didn't work much. I hardly ever check in on Saturdays so it is easy to skip my duty... :)
As usual I started my work with emptying bins. There were plastic bags in bins again. I mean that people threw their trash in bins instead of containers. Of course! It's soo far from their porch, a whole 70 meters away.
 Beside my own porch there was something on the bench. hahaha Once I found a bottle of beer not open. It was Tuborg. I confess, I took it home and drank.
Today it was a vacuum pack of sliced pork. Not open as well. There were empty bottles of beer  and many cigarette stubs scattered around. Still I wonder, how they could be so drunk to forget a whole pack of pork on the bench? Usually I see three big stray dogs in the mornings. Today they were missing a good treat. LOL When I was finished emptying the bins I took the pork and broke the pack with the key, I didn't have anything sharper. Two cats took two slices of meat out of my hands. You should see their greedy eyes, lol. I guess it was delicious and they expected to get more meat. hahaha The rest of the meat I gave to the janitor, that works beside me and knows those stray dogs. We talked a bit about life, griped about our supervisors to each other. It was pretty cold! I sneezed twice! Then I went home to have breakfast. Later, when I went to the shop it was so windy and chilly in spite of the shining sun that I had goose bumps on my arms and legs....brrrrrrr  People! Is it summer?

ohh I am not in a writing mood yet... This REALLY lets me down! I was thinking about it all day. Probably those events that took place in my life recently and I wanted to write about are hanging over me not letting me breathe freely... I should write how I met Americans in the forest, how I attend church now, how I was picking blackcurrant in the country side, helping my sister with her newborn son, how I was making a preserve from blackcurrant. There has been alot happening lately, has not there?


Look for and you'll be rewarded!


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I felt like going for a stroll in the forest today. So I went...
The sky was covered with clouds but the sun managed to shine through them. Really I expected to be caught in the rain. But alas. I was walking through the forest and taking pictures of everything I saw around. Last time I took a pic and video of the grass-snake in the pond and I was so happy by that, that I was about to shout with all my might  " PEEEEEEEOPLE !!! I was taking a video of the grass-snake creeping upon duckweed ! Those were exciting moments as I watched it! People, you can't imagine how happy I am now!!!" 
This time I only had casual pictures of nature... Until I decided to go through bushes that I have never been through before.
Lo and behold!!!
that's what I've seen there:

I've never seen such beautiful bugs before! What armour they are wearing! Though I am afraid of any bugs and spiders these didn't look disgusting at all. They are beauties, aren't they?
Just look at this forest fly that was collecting flower's nectar along bugs... What eyes! LOL

:-)) One picture more:

I like this web over a flower... Can you see spider's back and legs? It's a bit fluffy though... Was it the windy day or my shaky hands? haha


In the forest



I finished my work at 11.30 am and....I must say it was a long working day...and I am drunk now... who could say that I would get so drunk from two bottles of beer? I so wanted to drink that as I finished my work I had bear, oh beer, I am sorry. I don't remember being sooo drunk...maybe alcohol had such an affect or effect? on me because I was hungry? I shouldn't write anything now..........oh...I just was very thirsty and there was nothing except beer. I said to my daughter not to bring anything from work except pizzas, because it is not good. I hope she will not... I hope that a sleep will clear my brain ...it is ridiculous how I go by zigzags, I just wonder how many mistakes I made here right away. I will check it when I am OK.



It's called a spoonful. Does it make you drool? :))

What am I having, wild strawberries with soured cream, or soured cream with berries??? hahaha


The Moon

I've just from the forest. Though full moon will be on Saturday, today it appeared on the sky as a beautiful mysterious enormous disc! Especially it was beautiful from the forest's view! Such a yellow plate hanging over trees... oh I just haven't had my camera along. I had to speed my bicycle to get home as fast as I could that to have time to take this picture from the back of our building.

I think everyone at least once saw the moon, that was very stricking. It happened with me about two years ago when we were driving in the car up the road. Suddenly the moon appeared on the horizont and it was as big as the road itself! It took our breath away!!! I just can't forget it!

:-) I reel the events of today's day back. haha
Lena came from work between 9 and 9.30 pm. She brought two pieces of pizza with meat. I tried and said that previous two pizzas were better. First she brought "cheese&ham&mushrooms", second-"pizza with sea food" yum-yum! She got me upset saying that she forgot Cola in the bus.( She gave it to the bus driver not to spill in the crowded bus and forgot about it.) Was I ever so thirsty as that time? LOL

One frame more back...I was cooking russian soup with cabbage, called shchi. I had a plate after it was ready. As always I overcooked it and cabbage became soft, ugh! However it was tasty!

The rest day or I should say beginning of it was spent at work. Then I worked home as a bee washing clothes. It took me sooo much time! And....now I feel that I am tired to type, my eyes closing...It's too late...
SNORE :zzz:



What a nice weather is now! It is raining. I've finished my work just in time.
Now I am at my computer going to check my emailbox. But every 5 minutes I go to the balcony and look out of window. I love this fresh air. Streams of water are running along the street. Now asphalt is black and clean. I dream this weather to continue for a couple of days. :-)))


I will write here about my Saturday&Sunday-23-24 when I have time. Maybe it changed my life...



I paid for Internet today. Now they take the payment in RUB, 650, and, WOW they added some traffic!!! Now I have 1000MB a month!!! Isn't that great news?
Dear Bill, I am very sorry for not being online. Those bloody mowed lawns keep me VERY BUSY. I didn't tell you, that I also replace a janitor that took his holiday in June. Though I will only have half of the salary for that place to clean, I agreed. Because it will let me have an Internet for the next four months. Now you see why I am soo busy. Now I get up at 3:50 AM, go to empty bins and collect all big trash around both places, then return to my place, sweep it, then I have my breakfast and go to sweep that place. Plus I see where I already can rake up the grass. Oh.
Today I had my usual paper routine, I did it all by myself, finished by 11PM. Now it's only my work. My daughter worked first day in the Airport at Sbarro pizza. I found this place for her to work. Mainly teens work there. She will work two days, one day from 8am to 8pm, and on the next day it will be night's shift-from 8pm to 8am. Then she will have two days off. I can't say what she feels in Russian by one word, but in English it is easy to say- she's EXCITED about her work. She hang on the phone for an hour telling about her first day. She says everything is great except being on her feet all day long. Her feet are going to fall apart. he he now she knows what it is like to work. I just worry she can become fat there, after her telling how much and what she ate there. hahaha
Give my Love to little sister. I hope that you read my entry today Bill. :-) I miss my dear teacher and sister :-))) I will correct my previous entry when I have a bit more time, dear Bill, okay?

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I've been listening to "Talk about English". It's a good podcast but still, it has one shortcoming: some podcasts don't have sсriрts to them. This one, I am listening to doesn't have as well. Though I understand it very well I'd like to read it as well. Students from all over the world talk about learning English in England. It's so funny how some of them pronounce the letter "l". :-))) I would like to have the same confidence in speaking though I have a very thick Russian accent as my friend says. If others speak and do not care how they sound why can't I? And why do I become so shy when it comes to speaking???
It's my dream, to speak good English. Not only hi and how are you but about everything I can think about....to be confident, even making mistakes or pronounce something wrong....
Can I achieve it? :)

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I was really surprised to see comments of my friends in my MSN Space! Why on the earth this MSN didn't show changes in my bloooooooog??????? That's not fair to say the least! My friend leaves comments since my sister's birthday party and I am not aware of it!!! oh But Bill is a good one too! Why not to ask me whether I saw his comments or not? :-)))
Today...Today I was riding my bicycle as yesterday and the day before yesterday... Long, belonging just to my two wheels' vehicle. Once again I compared my outdoors activity with sex. hahahahahaha In winter I considered skiing better than any sex. Now I am not so categorical though. lol Riding a bicycle is like a good sex, you can't help doing it. I get so much pleasure riding in the forest that I am afraid of forgetting English...English is such a thing that wants all of me. All of everybody who learns it. Nobody can argue over it....ohhhhhhhh If you stop in studying -you automatically get back, with a sonic speed, what's worst of all. Just a good example...I was trying to write vehicle but forgot its spelling. It is strange, but I remembered how it is pronounced. Usually things are quite the contrary. I tried...veacle, vhecle, vihikle.... with no success. Usually you start typing a word and the electronic dictionary gives you just what you want, not this time though! I asked my daughter and she couldn't spell it either, but she managed to find this word in her school dictionary. And It was quite a simple word-vehicle, I wrote it once again, just in case-not to forget.lol What to say about really difficult words? I'll try to spell one and who will read my entry, try to guess what I meant. Because I know, it is wrong...hahahha <<<<<<<< aquantance>>>>>>>>> this word means someone who you know, like a friend...Well, I wonder how bad I spelled it? I won't peep in my dictionary. I am worrying if I don't devote enough time to English it leaves my head just too fast!
It's a very big secret...though I prefer riding my bicycle in the forest to chatting with my friends, they are, my friends, on my mind constantly. They may be sure. I hope this my confession makes them glad. :-)))

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