It is windy. It is raining. It is almost a middle of January! How to live???
Who is responsible for winter coming here? Hey.....



The alarm clock went off at 8 o'clock this morning. I went on to sleep until my inner alarm clock went off kicking my butt out of bed ...uf it only were 8:27 am.
I looked through the window hoping to see everything white. Alas. It's one degree above zero. No snow at all. Who stole our winter? Why it is not arriving?
I WANT TO SKI !!!!!!! :ski:


I am at home...
It is a first time the policeman checked my documents. Everyone knows policemen are not gentlemen nowadays but at night they are real monsters to say the least.How good that I always take my passport along. A poor guy hasn't got his passport on him. I think he will have to share his cash with those monsters...It's up to 500 rubles ...that is what to be a non-resident in Russia but work here...I feel sorry for that guy and many others that they are caught in the streets after their long honest working day instead of real thieves...


C o N f E s S i O n


I dont know how others, but I had a silly habit to play Windows card games, especially when I was sad, had a low spirit and so on I could click on cards staring meaninglessly at the screen for some time if not to say for hours I knew it was so stupid, just wasting time And still I did it from time to time. I was blaming myself; I was promising not to open those games. But alasAgain and again I was playing until I guessed to think that I am stronger that that spider, that I had enough will-power not to be caught in its websOhI dont know what it is called in English but in Russian that patience is called The Spider. Still there were two games left that I liked to play It was like a drug for me.before to do something on my puter I felt like to play game or two .
Before New Year I found a new toy for mejust by accident, or just being more attentive, right-click on my English dictionary brought a menu where I noticed Exercises. Being interested I clicked on it. Oh boy! There was a shooting gallery! Before I thought that I could use that program choosing words from the dictionary and putting them in the pad that I could save on my puter. Now I have found that the program itself can generate lists of studying words, taken from the dictionary, from full or concise one. There are three different modes- Learning, Ordinary and Competition. In Learning mode you get twelve words generated by the program with definitions, you can learn them before going to the shooting gallery. In Ordinary mode you do not have a chance to learn words. In Competition mode you can choose any list of words out of 999999, so that you can compare your results with others. Now, every time I want to play any card-game I just open this program Shooting gallery and exercise. I hope I got rid from a habit to play Windows games for good!!!


We are in 2007

We met New Year at home
My daughter gave me a gift, she made it herself. A horse-shoe made from painted salt dough, decorating with roses. She wrote that it is for good luck and happiness in 2007. Well, as she doesnt have her own money that was very nice of her to make a gift by herself. I really liked a horse-shoe and her attention In return I put out a gift for her. It was Gel for Douche and Milk for body to use after a bath. Ives Rocher. She knows that this cosmetic is rather expensive, so she was nicely surprised. She said she wanted to try a bodys milk. I was surprised with the tone she thanked me for her gift. Wow no irritation or cynic tone in her voice! Her tone was absolutely opposite what it used to beit was warm and friendlyProbably I am a big egoistI just should think much more about my daughters needs

Isnt it a good beginning of a new year?

:yolka11: :new1: :yolka12: :new1: :yolka11:


I was crying today at night, thats why my head was splitting today. Theres no relationship between me and my daughter, no understanding between us, no love, no respect. No one can help. No one. Teachers want to help, even a headmaster wants to help us. But it is possible to help someone who wants to accept a help. How to help who doesnt want to??? Well, its my problem.
It was a bit freezing today. I took the thermometer from the balcony where it showed 10 C and fixed it outside of the kitchens window. It was only five degrees below zero. I went to walk in the forest. I walked until I felt better. It was so strange to see the forest where I go to ski without snow. Oh, what if we dont have enough snow this winter? Dry grass is sooooo high!!!
Nobody was aroundI only heard dogsbark.
I got cold. Only my feet were warmno wonder, I put on new bootsTheres a saying: keep your feet warm and a head cold, :-) I mustnt complain then.
Its my last posting in this year.
I ran out of traffic for this month ,I overspent too much traffic :-(
Therere over 15 emails in my emailbox today and I cant afford to open them and read
I might hurt my friend today, he didnt send me his Goodnight email
I am very sorry,Bill.


I spent two days searching through Internet and around the town what type of the refrigerator I want. Its time now to buy a new one. My old fridge still works, but I have to get rid of thick coat of ice in the freezer once a month, having something like a mini flood on the floor every time it defrosts. I fed up to waste time beside the fridge wiping out water and catching breaking off lumps of ice! GRRRRR
Besides it makes so much noise! Sometimes plates are rattling on those old-fashioned wire shelves inside. More often back side of the fridge is rattling on its own. It is especially annoying at night. If I put my hand on the back side and keep it, it doesnt rattle. It doesnt suit me, I cant sleep upright.

I made my mind what a fridge I need to buy

It must be:


I wish I could keep in the freezer some meat, but alas, only chickens fly intoI think its enough to have two drawers in the freezer( no shelves! ). One drawer is for chickens and another one is for berries or ice-cream.
Bottom-freezer refrigerator keep commonly used items at eye level. Its not that I am too old, just dont like to lean to get something out.
Id like it to be energy-efficient, class B is okay. It requires to consume 1,15 kWt/day. If I find the fridge of class A, Ill be just happy.

No wire shelves! Glass shelves are welcome, because they are easy to wipe down and clean.

I want my fridge to be white. That is a symbol of cleanness. Besides it Id like my kitchen to stay light!

About the price.he he I hope to find a model within my salaryyuk or just a little more

SoI have to pick up between Stinol (Russia) and Atlant ( Belarus).
Next my days off I am going to go to the Gorbushka electronic market to make my wish come true

Yesterday :jump: :jump2: :jump4: Yesterday :jump: :jump2: :jump4:Yesterday:jump: :jump2: :jump4:

I bought a pair of winter boots!and cheap thick white socks! That they are cheap doesnt mean they are of bad quality. 30 rubles for a pair of white socks, isnt it nice? I love white socks.
Still I think how a new buying can make you happy. I wonder, are they the same happy who goes and buys something new every day or their feelings are already blunt? Mine are not !!! :jump: :jump2: :jump4::jump: :jump2: :jump4::jump: :jump2: :jump4:



:secret: I need a New Year, right away!!!
To make my new year's resolution - TO GO TO BED IN TIME AND DO NOT USE INTERNET AT NIGHT!


:yawn: :sleep: :sleepy: :nea:

Yeah, I am too tired and sleepy to write anythingbut if I dont write down now what happened Ill forget everything by the time of my next days off
I will make notes and fill the diary later on...
I went to Moscow to go to the American Center's library to return one book and renew other.
In the bookshop Britannia there were dictionaries on sale. I bought three dictionaries just for 700 rubles.
I ordered my glasses at last.I was tired of being a blind kitten.
I then returned home.
I searched for information about IPods and MP3 Players. It's not fair! These gadgets in the UK cost nothing compared to our prices, besides gadgets that are here cant do as much grrrrrrr.
I made pancakes & stuffed myself.
I feel sleepy.


before edit


You can give them (children)
Your love, but not your thoughts,
Because they have thoughts of their own.
You can give a shelter for their bodies,
But not for their souls,
Because their souls dwell in tomorrow
And you cant even be there in your dreams.
You can try to be as they are,
But do not try to make them as you are,
Because life doesnt go back and doesnt stop
On yesterday.



, ,




I am out of the mood...


:-))) :-))) :-)))

Something nice happened at work...

In the morning I asked barmen whether he wanted me to help him...lay out ice-cream...

He smiled so nicely and commented: what , want ice-cream?

he he he

why not?

I work with a good barman now, not with that one,I mentioned before. This barman is not stingy, for sure!
Besides he prefers others to work. ha ha ha

So I was very busy laying out ice-cream that didn't notice a waitress calling me.
Dima (barman)pulled my sleeve and shouted ANJA!!!

Then I turned and understood why they called me. They wanted me to speak with the woman that didn't know Russian. The waitress explained by signs that she could come to other person to be understood in English. :-)
I smiled and asked whether I could help. Well, I don't remember her exact words, except that first she said Hello...She asked whether we have pancakes. I said that we have. She wanted them without stuff. Maybe she said plain pancakes maybe she used any other words I cannot remember...I was very surprised how it was easy to understand her! She ordered water and I had to ask her which water she wanted with gas or without. She wanted without. As we finished I turned to a waitress and said in Russian all her order. :-) Really it was like in a very good dream.

I still can't believe that I didn't turned red, didn't blush all over, didn't sweat through. That was for the first time I felt so relaxed speaking English with someone I didn't know what I could expect to hear!!!
Later that waitress said: wow, you talked to her like it was your acquaintance.
I really feel happy. I have not been listening VOA, BBC broadcasts for nothing!!!



Number views of my diary is over 900 now.

I have one constant reader,bob3r,from this site.

Sure, I appreciate your reading & postings, bob3r :five: .

I asked my dear friend how many times a day he opens my diary. He said sometimes it is several times a day.

I still wonder who are other readers...My diary hasn't got any lovely name. I doubt it catches somebody's eye by its name.
Can it be called a diary, I often ask myself. Hardly. I don't really write about my real feelings, my thoughts...maybe just a tiny bit of it...not much ...

I think my diary must help me with MY ENGLISH. The more I write the more I remember and know. Besides it my friend can correct me when I speak (I mean write)broken English. And last but not least I hope it may help others to get to like English. I'd like to share my thoughts about learning English...I wish I knew all these useful sites for learners of English,that I know now,two years ago, then my English might be much better.

So, here I go...

My favorite site is ---The Special English Web site,VOA News (Voice of America).
Best of all is to subscribe to Special English by e-mail. You get srits of various broadcasts every week by email.Their programs cover all subjects, for sure! (I highly recommend to read their archive though not all programs have MP3 files to them.) All you need to do is to choose what you would like to listen to and download MP3 files ( and text!)on your 'puter that to listen to it over and over again.
When I started listening to VOA I just could understand single words.Soon my listening skills improved due to reading and listening to a program at the same time. They read at a slower pace so that you can hear every word clear.

..to be continued... :winnie:


WHEW :-)

a good work has done!!! :hlop:
I have finished to copy the book out...."The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole aged 13 3/4" I shared this book with my friend.
I hope she liked it and enjoyed reading this humour book as much as I did.
well, if somebody reads my diary and wants to read this book as well, feel free yourself to ask for me to send it by email. Sure, it won't be a big trouble for me :-)))
uh, I typed the whole book by my right index finger...turning red...with a shame...
it's not a truth... The left index finger was pushing the keys "Shift" and "a". :-))
I have to learn touch-typing as soon as possible. To use all my ten fingers!
I am planning to use the program "Solo" , wish me good luck!!!

Now off to bed.... :zzz:


Oh, last night was a real nightmare for me

Before to go to bed I prepared a home remedy. A drink to kill the Flu. Ingredients were : cranberries crushed up with sugar, a pinch of chili peppers ( usually I put that amount of chili peppers for a whole saucepan ) , plus a table spoon of honey. This all poured with hot water. When I had a single sip it was OK. So I went to bed with a cup of this explosive drink. I should say that I had to make a great effort to drink that up!

I felt myself a dragon!

Then it all started. I was dead sleepy. And I couldnt find a good position in bed! I was tossing all around my bed! For all night long!!! I tried to sleep across , I even found myself sleeping with my legs on my pillow! I had a short sleep and then I was tossing again and again. UGH

I dont know what is to blame, a drink or Friday 13th!

But I am okay today, my nose is no more running!!!

Its time to go to bed.tomorrow to work


I was sitting at the kitchen table and looking out of the window at 7 o'clock today.The sky was something special! I made a cup of coffee for myself but watching this beauty I let my coffee get cold...
At first the sky was dark blue...
As the sun was rising it changed. For awhile it was light blue with pink clouds. It was so beautiful! I sat in silence...
Then pink started slowly vanishing from the sky...WOW I don't see this beauty every day for I have or to hurry up for work or I simply sleep at this time... Today I caught this moment of sunrise...
I am not well now having a flu, but really I was so fascinated by view of the morning sky that I ...he he not I though...my poor nose forgot to sneeze every ten minutes...
I was smiling remembering my night chat with my dear friend. I was having my cold coffee in a warm light kitchen. I felt so comfy!
When the sun was shown from behind the building the sky lost its charm, became grey...ohh...
I don't regret not taking a picture of this morning sky...It is in my heart forever now. The sky in light blue and pink stripes!


Everyone's welcome to start reading with me...

I got email today" English for fun & for everyone". One English learner asked to help her to find online libraries. She wants to read " The secret diary of Adrian Mole...". Well, as far as I know this book is not available to read free online. Really, there's not many good books to read online. I mean those books that are easy to read in English. I've read four books of "A Series Of Unfortunate Events" by Lemony Snicket. I was glued to computer's screen untill I scrolled down last page of fourth book. That was so easy to read, so interesting!!! I don't want to tell what these books are about. If somebody reads my diary, who loves English language, studies it...don't waste time! Go and download Lemony Snicket from FictionBook.lib http://www.fictionbook.ru/ru/author/snicket_lemony/
Of course there are many online libraries that offer classic books. But they are not always easy to read. I want to read some books that were downloaded on my 'puter, but I still don't have enough time to read them. Anyway they are: "Dealing with Dragons" by Patricia Collins Wrede; "Black Beauty" by Anna Sewell; " Little Women" by Louisa May Alcott; " The wonderful Wizard of OZ"; about Robinson and Robin Hood...really a list is very long...
But now I read and copy out "The secret diary of A.M. " why? to share reading this book with my friend...then, typing, I learn to spell words correct. I learn words.
So, I'd like everyone who looks through my diary or reads my silly postings could read this lovely book with me...
I'll call it " STORY TIME". I hope this humorous book touch you as well as it toched me.

Are you ready???



Strange dream....

Got up too late....about noon...
Usually I don't remember my dreams at all...but today I definitely dreamt my first love... I remember that he came out of a house and was looking at me , then we went somewhere together...that's all I remember from my dream...plus the feeling that it was soo great to see him... Why? Why I had such a dream? It seemed nothing could recall about him.



Just sent email to friend with the story I have been copying out for several days.
Does anybody know how I don't feel like going to work right now?
aaaaaaa three days in a row..........


Heard my cell-phone alarming through my dream. It was set up to ring at 6.30 . I got up at 6. 45. To my luck I had brain to realize I have to go to work today. Washed my hair. Turned the computer on. Wanted to check an emailbox but puter started making up-to-date for all system. Just my luck! It took about a half of hour to download everything and then to unpack it. This updating ate up 50 MB of traffic!!! Of course there wasnt left time to check an emailbox.
Went to the station on foot. Had to jump off from one platform and climb to other one. There was a train that I usually miss but today it was late. It was really good that I got on it because I could sit and read the book all the way.
Entered subway for free.
Saved on some more money not buying kefir.
Of course, to make windows on my balcony is now 300 more, compare to last year. I have to save on
At work
I was asked whether I was in slavery last two weeks.
Somewhat I was!

Barkeep was very talkative today. He told everything that has happened here during my vacation. Perhaps he was missing me.

There were two new waitresses. They seemed to be nice.

In the evening I got an envelope with a birthday card and some money inside it. Wow this really touched me. That was for the first time I got something not counting a card. Then we were eating three kinds of cakes by reason of Denis birthday,though his birthday was two days ago.
Now I am thinking about cooking a big and delicious cake for myself

Its latehave to go off to bed.


....still have dirty feeling in my soul....a bricklayer dared to give me a hug...pervert...I said firmly he shouldn't have done it and he agreed...fool...I still not feeling well because of it...marriedoldpervert..
Why haven't I just understood that he had played for time when asked for a cup of tea? Why haven't I just understood that he played for time when had asked for a cup of tea...This Grammar, another one, drives me mad!
Well, suffer now , Annet...next time you know what to do!
I want howling! just find myself in the forest among spruces and to howl..howl..howl...
Vacation is over...I haven't even forgotten the way to work. Better if I did.
Because of this unpleasing feeling I read a humorous book like a robot. Don't even smile...
I've been copying out the book, interesting one. "The secret diary of Adrian Mole aged 13 3/4" by Sue Townsend. I wonder, is it her pseudonym or a real last name? Townsend, why not Sendtown? I should read about the author! Is Sue female's or male's name?
Had to switch spellchecker on...had some mistakes and misprints...managed to type Fryday...Shame on me!