in a mood to write something

Roma and I have been feeding ravens in the park lately. It's like a ritual now. First we go to feed birds. Ravens have become used to us,now the most braviest pick up bread on arm's length. I like their eyes, such nice jet-black beads, searching look in them. Maybe they are crows...hmmm interesting...male birds are ravens, female birds are crows. I thought ravens should be fully black ones but these we watch in Botanical garden are mostly grey with black heads and black feathers in their wings. Some birds are very big, maybe old and definitely feeling themselves like kings. Those birds which are thinner and smaller in size are often with some feathers or with the whole wing dragging on the ground. We thought those ravens or crows were kind of sick but today we were witnesses how they get injured. Strong ravens for some reasons fight with others. We were almost shocked when one raven suddenly flew upon other with the dragged wing and literally became to trample it. It was violent. They couldn't fight because of food I think, we always take plenty of buckweat seeds, some bread, or anything Roma didn't eat up. And today we watched two ravens which were cawing at each other, just imagine two big birds with two big open beaks spreading their wings on the ground and shouting at each other! It was a spectacle! I don't know how Roma was taking it and I just was holding him to my knees and kept on talking to him how it was ay-yay-yay-ay to fight. Roma had his own beak opened because of what he had seen.
Roma always loved to chase after doves but now he probably loves little sparrows more. I throw some seeds for doves, a little further some more for sparrows, they fly on seeds like a little cloud and scatter as Roma runs to them in ecstasy...
After feeding birds we usually go to throw a plastic bag in which we brought seeds and bread in a dustbin. Roma calls it kaka and goes all the way to the dustbin holding a bag like a trophy. I teach him that it is very bad to throw rubbish anywhere except a dustbin. Kakas must be in those grey or black boxes with a round hole to throw it in.Roma learned it well. Once, after putting our rubbish, he tried to collect all the other litter in the dustbin. For my luck it was only a beer can and half of a plastic bag, all dry. He seemed not mind to clean all territory, I guess.
Other things my cute nephew loves when I write letters for him on snow and he rubs them off with his hands or feet and says- Netu (no). hahahaha
Well, it's late now...I am glad that I seem to be back to studying again. That's second day that I write down dialogues from Englishtown site, listen to them, repeat...I love it again...
Now--------------- to bed...Sir, yes, Sir!!!


Last day of the winter

On my way home I dropped in "Perekrestok" to buy something to eat. I took some apples, pears and some Danone yoghurts and cottage cheeses. I don't know how but I managed to drop one of cottage cheeses right beside the checkout. It exploded. I pushed it with the top of my boot off the way and put my things on the conveyor belt. I didn't even blush...


First day of the last winter's month...

I got up early today
I'll write later, now I fight to keep my eyes open...


a warm Sunday

I went to the forest on my bike. It was warm, I didn't need gloves. So it was okay I forgot to take them. I cycled ten miles. That's for you Bill, I mean, in miles, in km it was 18. I know you will convert it anyway though, more precise.
I didn't race, sooner I was circling slowly in the forest thinking about some people I met over Skype. They all were from Great Britain. With all of them I only had one chat. Well, maybe with the last I will chat some day on MSN. First man asked for the picture and cancelled sending his when I refused to send mine. It wasn't a chat like a nice, friendly chat. It was something like giving away some information about himself, pressed in short expressions but fully enough. It was like he wanted to tell about himself everything like there would not be another chance. But I liked some of his questions, probably he could be a good friend. But next time I saw him online he didn't say hello, neither did I. Talking to a man online is just like dating, a man supposed to say hello first, if he doesn't it probably means he's not interested, so no one woman who respects herself won't try to get man's attention in this case. That's my opinion. Then I met another Brit, who did send his two pictures and, AND DIDN"T ask for mine! Isn't it just a sensation? LOL I can't say it was something funny chatting with him. Are all Brits too serious? He didn't say hello to me next time we both were online on Skype. I wondered why but then I remembered his words : So I may not see you soon? Then I'll leave it up to you then. Probably he meant ME to say him hello. Okay. I only had to run away as there were just perverts and Turkish online. But Turkish are the most perverts, along Egyptians of course. But the latter at least can sing and just more polite. And today I again met a man from the UK. I bet he had something Turkish in his profile, or maybe I was wrong...Maybe I was a little hard on him saying that I don't stand all these u, i, wanna, gonna because it spoils English. And he pointed out that every sentence must end with a full stop, what I was not doing either. But what made me laugh that was his comment for my picture in profile. He called it "nice nose ona snow day" . hahaha It just made me laugh and I can't help smiling now.
So I was riding and wondering about all three Brits and thinking how much I want to get to the UK to study. And some my thoughts were sad, because of Greydragon, if he could know that I miss him. If my another friend could guess how much I miss him too and that my pride doesn't let me write him and ask how's life...
Cycling in the forest is SOMETHING! Paths were slippery with mud and bumpy because of knobby pine roots. It just made it better. As I circled time after time some parts of paths became just too slippery to ride through, my bike was skidding so that I hardly kept myself on. It was adrenalin rush in my blood :-)))
Though we had two days of snow earlier, now there were no signs of snow in the forest. It was damp, brown with wet foliage. The forest looks this way in spring. Just in spring the sky is high and blue. Today it was low and grey, neither a winter's one, nor spring's.
What I didn't like after that all riding was to clean my shoes! My yak leather shoes, my favourite ECCO shoes. Of course they are also just nice to be worn in such weather, but to clean them after all that mud glued to their soles was something terrible! And my bike needs washing also!

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Whew, I am back in my diary with my own login. I am sorry for taking diary's admin time, but at least it helped me to remember my password for my diary... whew a few times more...
Wonders, whether it will make her write more...



WOW what a wonderful day it was!
Cycled to the supermarket "Karusel", forgot their discount card. Bought sea kale, two Activia Danon cottage cheese and croissants with cheese. On the way home dropped in bakery and bought two buns with cottage cheese and a errrrr (in MacDonald it's called a muffin) a cake.
At home made a cup of instant coffee with TWO teaspoons of sugar and ATE buns, a muffin, and three croissants! It's called gluttony! Tomorrow I'll be complaining about my weight. Suppose it's going to be 67 kg.
It will be tomorrow when I step on scales but today it's sooo good! Life is a good thing indeed!
The weather was so nice that I decided to cycle in the forest, to work out eaten food lol.
It was something! I was full and I was strong, it felt soo good! It tried to rain, but for my luck it only were several drops of rain on my glasses, then it stopped.
Autumn brightened trees in yellow. Paths were soft and beautiful with fallen leaves, fresh air... I didn't want to turn home. I cycled in cicles through the forest and every time as I passed a sportground (somebody made several horizontal bars and nailed a thick enough branch between trees about knee high to make push-ups ( that's what I was doing) I exercised a bit. Of course it is easier to do push-ups using a branch instead of ground. But for my weak arms that was a good work out anyway. When I got home and was washing my hands my arms felt like in weightlessness. Muscles got a good load!
I love nature, sport and English. Who will doubt?

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First day jogging and hoping it's not a last one. hehe

The alarm clock was set on 6:50 to get off but I happily ignored it and got up at 8:10.
Watered all my plants.
Got myself out for jogging in the forest.
After first 100 meters started panting.
Don't know how I made myself keep running.
A man holding his big black dog said " a way to athletes..."
Sweat made my hair look like after the shower.
I knew I was running slowly and clumsy.
In a little while I felt myself a little better.
The most difficult was running up along a narrow path through the pine trees.
I don't know how I got myself up, but when I did I was completely out of breath.
My hips were hurting.
My lungs were hurting.
My arms were weighting too much.
And the worst thing was that my glasses were getting misted over. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
I physically felt sweat drops on my nose and I had no handkerchief to wipe them off.
My state was terrible. Each and every muscle started aching after I tried to do some excercises.
That's what means not to jog for many, many years...
If somebody knew how it is easy to ride a bicycle in comparison with jogging!
I rode almost 550 km on my bike since I got a cyclocomputer and I can say now that it doesn't give enough physical activity to a person at all!
When you jog it makes more your muscles to work.
I wonder for how long I will have my will-power go jogging in the forest? :)
But for today I deserve a MEDAL. Really I deserve!



It's first of March... Spring is on calendar. Spring is in the air. I hope. Spring it time for love. Maybe this year I am going to be a bit luckier? :)
Yesterday I cut my finger badly. It was not going to fall off but the cut was soooo deep that I was thinking about going to ambulance to put in stitches. Today it looks healed over that I even can wash plates, cook and maybe even do some washing. I like my socks to be white, not like somebody else prefers them changing their colour, I am not going to name such a person though. My wound is healing quick. I have nine lives like a cat.
Got my passport today. Again I was very lucky. When the time was 2:57 PM I was next to enter the office to get my passport. Later I found out my phone's clock were two minutes ahead. Two women and a man were not so lucky today, though it takes about two minutes to get a ready passport they couldn't talk an office worker to give them their passports. - Our boss called us, we can't make him wait! I don't know why but I was 100 percent sure I would have got MY passport TODAY. :) while waiting in line... I wonder, where I am able going to? To Greece? No. My sister's husband says nothing remarkable is there now. To France? No. They hardly speak English. To England? sighs...would be nice...if it wouldn't be such expensive country...

Paid for Internet. Bought food. I couldn't help buying two cakes, one with chocolate filling and another with poppy. It was not good. Chocolate cake was good. I mean buying it was not good. I must work on such kind of temptations. Bought sea salt. It was good. Bought some veggies, oranges and pea....hmmm pears or pea? Need to look up...but why...I bought both all the same, I will try to remember what is pea and what is pear when I have time. As for now I tend to think that pea is a veggy and a pear is a fruit that looks like a bulb. Something tells me I am right.
Cooked veggetable soup, not Minestrony of course, but it smells very good.
One thing is left to be done today before I help myself with the soup. I need to learn one yoga exercise. Maybe I continue copying one book I want to share with my friend.


What a great picture and keen eyesight!

«Дино» на Яндекс.Фотках

I can't help looking at pictures on Yandex! and I am sooooooo jealous! And now I am twice as jealous! Now, when the weather is sooo lovely, bright and no frost I have to stay home with the cold. No hunting for this kind of pictures in our forest as well as no skiing for meeeeeeeee... Is it fair??? I had lovely winter pictures in 2005 and 2006 but I have no one good picture of this year. I left my camera's battery at home when I was in the forest last time. I wanted to take pictures of those lovely, big, funny snowmen and a bird's feeder but I didn't have my camera along. Next day snowmen were broken MONSTERS!!!! How could they!!! and for taking a picture of that lovely wood feeder I forgot to put a battery inside of the camera. SIGHS
It even feels worse when I wrote about it. Rubbed salt into the wound...
I may be watching MY summer pictures now...Though they are not as good as Yandex displays but still some are very good and they bring those warm memories back to me...I almost can feel that air, that danger that I hardly caught a viper, that sympathy for a poor hedgehog that couldn't free itself from a plastic bottle ( and that stinky smell as well), those mushrooms taking my breath away... light rain, hiding wild strawberries, dewdrops... I am in love with the forest whatever it may sound strange...


Dog tired :-)

I have just finished assembling two of the four sections of wall units. This is ridiculous, today is January 19th and I only have one third of my wall units ready. I should have ordered professional fitters on January 22nd. Now I am dog tired, my back hurts and I am not sure whether there are enough screws! It is on the one hand. On the other hand- don't I look sooooo cute doing it ALL by myself? :)
In drilling holes for the handles I made two holes in my English textbook. On accident of course. I had to put something under the piece of wood and with my luck I took "English Grammar" by Kachalova, with a very good hard cover. LOL I checked, I didn't drill too deep of a hole into the cover. The text wasn't damaged. To drill the other holes I used another book " Windows'95 for dummies". Anyway I don't use Windows'95 any more and of course I am not dummy either. LOLOL I made a drawer for mid-section. It took me less than 10 minutes. First two I have been making for an hour if not more. That is experience!
The hardest part of the job was hinging the door on. It was hung incorrectly at first and I used all my patience and strength adjusting it. Now it's OK.
I still ask myself- why I didn't wait till January 22nd ??? WHY???

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It's snowing, snowing, snowing!


I am fighting to keep my eyes open...
A lame excuse not to write :yawn: :sleepy: :sleep:
:snezh: :snezh: :snezh: Winter has arrived in the Moscow Region. FINALLY!!!
I went to the forest to make sure I will not scratch my skis against dry grass or fallen cones my next day off. I heard the weather is not stable for this week and can change any day. ewwwwwww
Bill? I hope you read this. Here is a picture of our forest, the part I called Alaska forest. Can you tell the difference? LOL
YUCK! I failed to put a picture here , it's over 150kb, 177kb to be exact. Well, I'll have to put it on MSN. But not today, oh.
Here is a picture of the result of my today's work. Определённо я вхожу во вкус! hahaha It means I started to enjoy assembling the wall units. Even though I didn't finish the whole section, I am still very proud of myself.
:cool: I may be wanted as a professional fitter.
Though I sooooo hit my left index finger with a hammer. Definitely, my OUUUUUCH was heard five floors down. The bruise appeared almost immediately!

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It smells of wood and pine in my room!!! :yolka11:
WOW We have got some snow!!! :snezh: :snezh: :snezh: :snezh: :snezh: :snezh: :snezh: :snezh: :snezh:
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Autumn is round the corner...

The temperature dropped at last. It was 23 degrees Celsius at noon. Now it is 15 degrees Celsius. In Fahrenheit I won't tell, it's too difficult for me to count.
I am ashamed to confess that I was sleeping almost all day... it explains my night entry now.
I am not about to write something...
I took two pictures today to stick this day in my memory.
One is showing that the fall is round the corner. And how the new building is dressing up in bricks.
Another one shows full moon. It was 44 minutes past 8 when I took this picture, the moon was on in all its beauty...


MY GUEST or if I do not go to nature - nature comes to me...


I heard a strange noise from my balcony as I was turning on my computer. It was like a hissing sound of a missile. That was how I heard it. Then I found out that a bird got into my balcony and was beating against the glass of the window. Though I thought about a dove it wasn't a dove. It was a bird of prey! A beautiful young bird. It was trying so hard to get out through the glass, that I was afraid it could hurt its beak and its head. So I took a fifteen second video and several pictures of this gorgeous bird. It took me only three minutes and then I let the bird go. I had to catch the bird to take pictures. I caught the bird with its tail and a wing and the bird tried to peck my hand. Definitely, there could be sea of blood. Just look at bird's beak. ohhhhh there is a reflection of the window in its eye. I was in a hurry taking pictures. It's simple I was afraid the bird could get a heart attack. But does that justify me?

As I let it go the bird was flying around making its special sound. It was a real bird of prey because I saw no doves around though they are always beside.

Then I tried to find out bird's name. My friend was helping me. Searching the web we agreed that this bird was young Yellow-billed Kite.
Later in the evening I rode my bike along meadow. I saw a bird that stayed in the air in the same place for awhile flapping its wings then was soaring with spreading wings. It was so beautiful. There was a huge distance between the birds and I but I guessed it was the same kind of bird that got into my balcony. I wanted to take pictures, but alas, they were teasing me, flying away as I got nearer.
It was a hot day, 30 degrees Celsius.

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A busy night


It's a deep night here and I am going to do a secret job. It is a secret because I cannot say what exactly I am going to do. This should be done a long time ago. oh I am sooo an irresponsible person! I know the reason of being such a person. I won't tell anyone though.
I am having a green tropical tea right now. One cup of tea is on my table-hot, another one is cooling in the refrigerator. Green tea is the best way to fight with sleepiness. I have four hours to work on my 'puter now then I'll have to go to do my janitor's work. In the evening I looked out of my balcony window to estimate damage that was done by people on Saturday & Sunday. LOL The street littered with bits of rubbish, overfilling bins, weeds put out of the ground and thrown on pavement-that's not all. I will spare feelings of people reading my entry and will not tell about the rest. So my work day is going to be busy to put it mildly...
The reason to like rainy weather is that people stay home, do not smoke and drink bear in the street, children do not play in a sand-box and so on, so on.
I hope it's not going to be 31-34 Celsius again.


31* Celsius


I am cooked.
On Friday I promised to my friend to be online.
After work I lay in bed saying "...just for five minutes..." those five minutes turned into three hours.
Sitting at my 'puter makes me fall asleep.
My brain refused to think in such hot weather.
It is around midnight that I am able at last to write something.
In the day it is sooo hot that I am sweating as never before.
Everything seems to be fluffy through this hot air, like images in desert.
Asphalt is melting, car's tires leave deep tracks...
I wonder, was the glass fusing as well that that fly stuck to it?
OH I can't put a pic here for some reasons. Is there something wrong with the site?
Believe me the picture of the fly is worth seeing. hahahaha especially enlarged. Then you can see its hairy body. The hairs on a Fly collect all kinds of germs ewwww and spread around on what it lands.
I will put this pic later if I can of course.

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Not much...

Saturday. It's a short work day for me. hehe Until it comes out of course. I emptied bins and swept sunflower seed's peel beside each porch. Sighed and didn't think about people that they were swines. Usually it makes me angry. Street was clean except one place where a car drove off and there were cigarette stubs left. Before I thought that somebody sits in the car, smokes continously and throws stubs on the ground. Now I know-that is just a driver shakes out the car's ashtray. Just nice!
To be continued...


Mushrooming is a sort of gamble....really


That was first mushroom I saw in the forest today. It is Мухомор порфирный haha
A minute later I found a big beautiful white mushroom. I think that mushrooms themselves jumped into my packet hahaha So many I found today less than for three hours. I think I gained experience in finding mushrooms, what places they prefer, how they like disguise in the grass, etc. :)
My "catch" today:

This white mushroom seems to have a grass crown over its hat. :)

I am only eating mushrooms and drink Pepsi. hahaha
I can't help going in the forest. I can't understand how I lived without it whole four or five years. I only enjoyed forest in winter.
Now in winter also I will recollect about summer eating fragrant mushroom soup. :) yummy



I spent half of the day in the forest. After my work I paid for Internet and went to the forest. This time I went to the other forest where I don't ride my bicycle. Once I tried but there was soo much trash that it was unpleasant to see and painfully. Why then I went there today you may ask. Because mom of my daughter's girlfriend usually picks mushrooms there. So I decided to check that forest. I must say as I entered the forest I was ready to cry seeing soo many plastic and glass bottles, plastic plates, paper and other trash. But what was VERY STRANGE — in first half an hour I had all kinds of mushrooms that I picked in other forest during a day!!! AND!!! I found first WHITE MUSHROOM!!! WOOOOOOOWWWWW I will show the picture here. Why I was so exciting? Because what we call white mushroom is a king of all mushrooms! that is the best mushroom, even better that one that grows beside Birch ( podberezovik). Well, later I had a chance to make sure that this mushroom is really a king in the forest. Click here, you'll understand why I said so. :)
those who addicted to mushrooming with weak nerves DO NOT CLICK!!!

Well I didn't have such gigantic white mushrooms, but today I had whole four good, I mean not touched by worms, podberezoviks. One of them was gigantic :) And I had lots of mushrooms that is called "field mushroom" , just my kind was forest one. They are soo tasty! Yum-yum :) There are two pixs, one of the young mushroom, another of a mature one. :)

Here is a pic of the mushroom that grows in Birch forest, found today :)

This kind of mushrooms I had to throw away coming home. My neighbour said they are considered poisonous now. Yuck! To say the truth I had been eating them all my childhood. Well, let's not to think about bad...

They are called "svinushki" in Russian.

This is a beautiful mushroom but bad. haha I didn't hope to find it. Though this mushroom started molding haha it can be cleary seen, white spots on its hat. We call a top of mushroom a hat and on what it stands we call a leg. I don't know what it is called in English though. By the way what is poison for people, for animals can be a treat. Moose eat this mushroom when they are ill. English name is fly agaric.

Here is a picture of a very tasty mushroom with a snail, he he the snail without its shell. The picture was taken at home on our kitchen table. Lena refused eat at the table after that little photosession. I didn't know Lena could jump so high when I showed a snail to her. The world record would be hers!
ohh forgot to say about the mushroom, Russian name sounds like "foxes" :)

I saw berries of dogrose. hahaha it's funny how they call this plant. We call it "shipovnik" because in Russian "ship" is a thorn. Rose has thorns as well, but why dog?rose??? I wonder.
Maybe my friend can explain, who sent me today such a wonderful Good night email ;)
I will read it again for I am going off to bed.
It was soo lovely day in the forest. I just regret my friends can't be with me here. I hope they forgive my addiction to the forest with mushrooms. I er....may not be online tomorrow again.


It's pouring...

I returned from the forest completely soaked. I took off my trousers and socks as I crossed the threshold and closed the door. Lena asked a silly question, "Why are your pants wet?"
—Why do you think I'm wet? You asks like I was not in the forest and it is not raining outside!
And now I sent Lena to the shop. It started coming down even harder as she left. ohhhh She went because I said, " Don't you want to go and buy bananas? Crab meat, mayonnaise, sour cream, something sweet for tea."
I know if I wouldn't start with bananas, right away she would have said NO, she wouldn't have even listened to what else was in the list. LOL I know what to start with. hahaha
I love rain. :)

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