It's snowing, snowing, snowing!


I am fighting to keep my eyes open...
A lame excuse not to write :yawn: :sleepy: :sleep:
:snezh: :snezh: :snezh: Winter has arrived in the Moscow Region. FINALLY!!!
I went to the forest to make sure I will not scratch my skis against dry grass or fallen cones my next day off. I heard the weather is not stable for this week and can change any day. ewwwwwww
Bill? I hope you read this. Here is a picture of our forest, the part I called Alaska forest. Can you tell the difference? LOL
YUCK! I failed to put a picture here , it's over 150kb, 177kb to be exact. Well, I'll have to put it on MSN. But not today, oh.
Here is a picture of the result of my today's work. Определённо я вхожу во вкус! hahaha It means I started to enjoy assembling the wall units. Even though I didn't finish the whole section, I am still very proud of myself.
:cool: I may be wanted as a professional fitter.
Though I sooooo hit my left index finger with a hammer. Definitely, my OUUUUUCH was heard five floors down. The bruise appeared almost immediately!

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2008-01-22 в 07:41 

Bill AKA Teacher
Dear Annet:
I am ALMOST done with your corrections. When I
am done with this I am done(unless you write another
1 or 2 entries in your diary.
Here I go into my Teacher Mode now:
1). Winter has arrived in the Moscow Region...FINALLY !
2). my next day off
3). ewwwww
4). I started to enjoy assembling the wall units.
5). Even though I didn't finish(or complete)the whole
section,I'm still VERY proud of myself.
7). five floors down
8). The bruise appeared almost immediately !
WHEW !!! I have completed the corrections.........FINALLY !!!
I can take a breath of air now.


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