What a great picture and keen eyesight!

«Дино» на Яндекс.Фотках

I can't help looking at pictures on Yandex! and I am sooooooo jealous! And now I am twice as jealous! Now, when the weather is sooo lovely, bright and no frost I have to stay home with the cold. No hunting for this kind of pictures in our forest as well as no skiing for meeeeeeeee... Is it fair??? I had lovely winter pictures in 2005 and 2006 but I have no one good picture of this year. I left my camera's battery at home when I was in the forest last time. I wanted to take pictures of those lovely, big, funny snowmen and a bird's feeder but I didn't have my camera along. Next day snowmen were broken MONSTERS!!!! How could they!!! and for taking a picture of that lovely wood feeder I forgot to put a battery inside of the camera. SIGHS
It even feels worse when I wrote about it. Rubbed salt into the wound...
I may be watching MY summer pictures now...Though they are not as good as Yandex displays but still some are very good and they bring those warm memories back to me...I almost can feel that air, that danger that I hardly caught a viper, that sympathy for a poor hedgehog that couldn't free itself from a plastic bottle ( and that stinky smell as well), those mushrooms taking my breath away... light rain, hiding wild strawberries, dewdrops... I am in love with the forest whatever it may sound strange...

2008-02-06 в 07:10 

Bill AKA Teacher
Dear Annet:

I can't do the corrections like I do in your email(much simpler
that way...oh well). Now I go into my Yeacher Mode on the
third paper & after that I can look at & find the mistakes &
email it back to you(with the corrections).

1). looking at the pictures)
2). even more jealous
3). I do not have
4). The next day the snowmen
5). wood feeder ?
6). I feel even
7). when I write about it
8). Rubbing
9). may be looking at
10). displays,but
11). can almost
12). I almost
13). However strange it may sound.

2008-02-06 в 07:14 

Bill AKA Teacher
Dear Annet:

Now I can relax & look at the email that you sent to The Boss.
I think this is ENOUGH embarrassment for one day. LOLOL

Love Always,
Bill AKA Teacher


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