It's first of March... Spring is on calendar. Spring is in the air. I hope. Spring it time for love. Maybe this year I am going to be a bit luckier? :)
Yesterday I cut my finger badly. It was not going to fall off but the cut was soooo deep that I was thinking about going to ambulance to put in stitches. Today it looks healed over that I even can wash plates, cook and maybe even do some washing. I like my socks to be white, not like somebody else prefers them changing their colour, I am not going to name such a person though. My wound is healing quick. I have nine lives like a cat.
Got my passport today. Again I was very lucky. When the time was 2:57 PM I was next to enter the office to get my passport. Later I found out my phone's clock were two minutes ahead. Two women and a man were not so lucky today, though it takes about two minutes to get a ready passport they couldn't talk an office worker to give them their passports. - Our boss called us, we can't make him wait! I don't know why but I was 100 percent sure I would have got MY passport TODAY. :) while waiting in line... I wonder, where I am able going to? To Greece? No. My sister's husband says nothing remarkable is there now. To France? No. They hardly speak English. To England? sighs...would be nice...if it wouldn't be such expensive country...

Paid for Internet. Bought food. I couldn't help buying two cakes, one with chocolate filling and another with poppy. It was not good. Chocolate cake was good. I mean buying it was not good. I must work on such kind of temptations. Bought sea salt. It was good. Bought some veggies, oranges and pea....hmmm pears or pea? Need to look up...but why...I bought both all the same, I will try to remember what is pea and what is pear when I have time. As for now I tend to think that pea is a veggy and a pear is a fruit that looks like a bulb. Something tells me I am right.
Cooked veggetable soup, not Minestrony of course, but it smells very good.
One thing is left to be done today before I help myself with the soup. I need to learn one yoga exercise. Maybe I continue copying one book I want to share with my friend.

2008-03-07 в 12:14 

Bill AKA Teacher

2008-03-07 в 12:14 

Bill AKA Teacher
I guess it was having one of thoase days

2008-03-08 в 11:28 

Bill AKA Teacher
Dear Annet:
How are you doing today ? I hope that you are having aq

2008-03-08 в 11:29 

Bill AKA Teacher
ops,accidently pushed Enter

2008-03-08 в 11:46 

Bill AKA Teacher
Dear Annet:
Hello & HUGSSSSSSSSSSSSSS to you Annet.
How are you this morning Annet ? I hope that
you are having a GREAT Women's Day. You can
come up here,if you are trying to find a place to
go to,where things are happening.
I now go into my Teacher Mode now:
1). It's the 1st of March or March 1st
2). Spring is the time for Love
3). over enough that I can even
4). clock was two
5). though it only about(or around)2 minutes
6). an office worker into giving them
7). know why,but I
8). would get my
9). where am I going to be able to go to ?
10). speak English or speak any English
11). if it wasn't such an expensive
12). peas
13). both at the same time
14). veggie
15). vegetable soup
16). minestrone
17). One more thing left to do
18). Maybe I will continue copying that book


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