Can't wait for the Euro 2008 to start.
Watched friendly Russia against Serbia on last Wednesday tonight. Ours won by two goals to one. Surprised to see our football players to performance a good football. My friend laughed when I said about russian football following " The players move on the pitch like sleepy flies..."
Our team on Euro in the group D with Spain, Greece and Sweden. I do not think Greece can be a serious rival though they won Euro 2004. At least we were the only team who beat them four years ago.
I am disappointed England is not involved.
It's funny that most fans make prediction that Russia will be knocked out by Spain in the first time, draw with Greece and like Sweden beat us as well. ha. ha. Football does not stay on the same position, everything can be changed surprisingly and shocking, but it as well makes us love it. Miracles happen. I look forward to watching exciting games. And first of all I'll be rooting for Russia against Spain on the seventh of June.
Come on Russia!!!