First day jogging and hoping it's not a last one. hehe

The alarm clock was set on 6:50 to get off but I happily ignored it and got up at 8:10.
Watered all my plants.
Got myself out for jogging in the forest.
After first 100 meters started panting.
Don't know how I made myself keep running.
A man holding his big black dog said " a way to athletes..."
Sweat made my hair look like after the shower.
I knew I was running slowly and clumsy.
In a little while I felt myself a little better.
The most difficult was running up along a narrow path through the pine trees.
I don't know how I got myself up, but when I did I was completely out of breath.
My hips were hurting.
My lungs were hurting.
My arms were weighting too much.
And the worst thing was that my glasses were getting misted over. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
I physically felt sweat drops on my nose and I had no handkerchief to wipe them off.
My state was terrible. Each and every muscle started aching after I tried to do some excercises.
That's what means not to jog for many, many years...
If somebody knew how it is easy to ride a bicycle in comparison with jogging!
I rode almost 550 km on my bike since I got a cyclocomputer and I can say now that it doesn't give enough physical activity to a person at all!
When you jog it makes more your muscles to work.
I wonder for how long I will have my will-power go jogging in the forest? :)
But for today I deserve a MEDAL. Really I deserve!

2008-08-28 в 12:04 

Bill AKA Teacher
читать дальше

2008-08-28 в 12:07 

Bill AKA Teacher
Where is Annet hiding now & what is she doing?


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