Why it is so unfairly? When it's a day off time flies, when it's a work day time seems to stop... Again I left some chores undone.
Stored 80 kg of potatoes, 20 kg of carrots and 1 kg of onion for winter. It's funny how little onion I use, probably it's really enough for me. Carrots won't stay long. I have already started drinking carrot juice. I'll try to have one glass of carrot juice a day. They say too much of carotine can make your face yellowish. Well. Let's see how many glasses of carrot juice will make my face get yellowish.
I completed 70 exercises of the course "Solo on the Keyboard". I can type not looking at the keyboard, not very fast though. Last year I gave up on session 68. If somebody knew how it's hard to pull myself together to keep on studying...
Anyway, hello to the second month of Autumn!!!

anybody to keep me a company to read?