WOW what a wonderful day it was!
Cycled to the supermarket "Karusel", forgot their discount card. Bought sea kale, two Activia Danon cottage cheese and croissants with cheese. On the way home dropped in bakery and bought two buns with cottage cheese and a errrrr (in MacDonald it's called a muffin) a cake.
At home made a cup of instant coffee with TWO teaspoons of sugar and ATE buns, a muffin, and three croissants! It's called gluttony! Tomorrow I'll be complaining about my weight. Suppose it's going to be 67 kg.
It will be tomorrow when I step on scales but today it's sooo good! Life is a good thing indeed!
The weather was so nice that I decided to cycle in the forest, to work out eaten food lol.
It was something! I was full and I was strong, it felt soo good! It tried to rain, but for my luck it only were several drops of rain on my glasses, then it stopped.
Autumn brightened trees in yellow. Paths were soft and beautiful with fallen leaves, fresh air... I didn't want to turn home. I cycled in cicles through the forest and every time as I passed a sportground (somebody made several horizontal bars and nailed a thick enough branch between trees about knee high to make push-ups ( that's what I was doing) I exercised a bit. Of course it is easier to do push-ups using a branch instead of ground. But for my weak arms that was a good work out anyway. When I got home and was washing my hands my arms felt like in weightlessness. Muscles got a good load!
I love nature, sport and English. Who will doubt?

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2008-10-14 в 02:55 

Bill AKA Teacher
Hello & HUGSSSSSSSSSSSSSS to you Annet.
You are the one who got me into the Diary,
but you aren't coming into MY Diary. Why
not ? It only takes a minute to open it up &
maybe a couple of mins to put in a comment.

2008-10-18 в 15:38 

Bill AKA Teacher
Do you EVER visit here anymore. & you VERY
rarely visit My Diary. you who got me into it in
the first place !!! Should I just drop it ? Since
you RARELY visit MY DIARY. You got me into
it,then why don't you visit MY DIARY !!!!!
I was TRYING to be patient for the longest,
but if you are not going to visit MY DIARY,
then why should I keep it. I visit this Diary
OFTEN,but I visit mine first,in hopes that
you had visited mine & left a message,but more
often than not,I am let down.


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