a warm Sunday

I went to the forest on my bike. It was warm, I didn't need gloves. So it was okay I forgot to take them. I cycled ten miles. That's for you Bill, I mean, in miles, in km it was 18. I know you will convert it anyway though, more precise.
I didn't race, sooner I was circling slowly in the forest thinking about some people I met over Skype. They all were from Great Britain. With all of them I only had one chat. Well, maybe with the last I will chat some day on MSN. First man asked for the picture and cancelled sending his when I refused to send mine. It wasn't a chat like a nice, friendly chat. It was something like giving away some information about himself, pressed in short expressions but fully enough. It was like he wanted to tell about himself everything like there would not be another chance. But I liked some of his questions, probably he could be a good friend. But next time I saw him online he didn't say hello, neither did I. Talking to a man online is just like dating, a man supposed to say hello first, if he doesn't it probably means he's not interested, so no one woman who respects herself won't try to get man's attention in this case. That's my opinion. Then I met another Brit, who did send his two pictures and, AND DIDN"T ask for mine! Isn't it just a sensation? LOL I can't say it was something funny chatting with him. Are all Brits too serious? He didn't say hello to me next time we both were online on Skype. I wondered why but then I remembered his words : So I may not see you soon? Then I'll leave it up to you then. Probably he meant ME to say him hello. Okay. I only had to run away as there were just perverts and Turkish online. But Turkish are the most perverts, along Egyptians of course. But the latter at least can sing and just more polite. And today I again met a man from the UK. I bet he had something Turkish in his profile, or maybe I was wrong...Maybe I was a little hard on him saying that I don't stand all these u, i, wanna, gonna because it spoils English. And he pointed out that every sentence must end with a full stop, what I was not doing either. But what made me laugh that was his comment for my picture in profile. He called it "nice nose ona snow day" . hahaha It just made me laugh and I can't help smiling now.
So I was riding and wondering about all three Brits and thinking how much I want to get to the UK to study. And some my thoughts were sad, because of Greydragon, if he could know that I miss him. If my another friend could guess how much I miss him too and that my pride doesn't let me write him and ask how's life...
Cycling in the forest is SOMETHING! Paths were slippery with mud and bumpy because of knobby pine roots. It just made it better. As I circled time after time some parts of paths became just too slippery to ride through, my bike was skidding so that I hardly kept myself on. It was adrenalin rush in my blood :-)))
Though we had two days of snow earlier, now there were no signs of snow in the forest. It was damp, brown with wet foliage. The forest looks this way in spring. Just in spring the sky is high and blue. Today it was low and grey, neither a winter's one, nor spring's.
What I didn't like after that all riding was to clean my shoes! My yak leather shoes, my favourite ECCO shoes. Of course they are also just nice to be worn in such weather, but to clean them after all that mud glued to their soles was something terrible! And my bike needs washing also!

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2008-12-11 в 23:38 

Bill AKA Teacher
Hello & HUGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS to you Annet.
I wrote a message in My Diary like you said for
me to,but you didn't leave any messages there
like you said that you would./b>

2009-02-01 в 14:11 

Bill AKA Teacher
I am glad that you are doing good(though not as good as I'd
want you to be though). The Boss wants you to know that she is
worried about you about the riots that are happening in Moscow
(first I had heard about it becaue I don't watch news enough).


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