Terrible! Terrible! Terrible!!!
That’s not enough that all my sister’s family went down with virus flu.
That’s not enough that I got infected as well!
That’s not enough that I also got pink eye infection!
That’s not enough that the doctor in the policlinic refused to see me though I said I was going to pay to be seen without waiting in line!
That’s not enough that I had to go to paid clinic and their oculist prescribed me eye drops which cost a fortune!
That’s not enough that those both eye drops caused a terrible allergy to my eyes and eyelids that I was looking in the mirror and hoped I was only sleeping and watching a nightmare, that it wasn’t MY reflection there…
That’s not enough that I had to go and see oculist again, to spend lots of money for other eye drops, an ointment and antiallergic pills.
That’s not enough I had to wash my hands twenty four times a day, before and after each treatment for my eyes.
That’s not enough that I had to wash and iron towels and bed-linen hardly using them!
That’s not enough I had to stay home while there was a winter’s tale outside, 32F and snowing as never before!
That’s not enough I couldn’t read, use the computer or watch TV for a week!
It’s strange that there were not enough of unfortunate events for me.
I got my spectacle’s rim broken today! One side which is put on ear got off. My glasses served me for two years. Really I expected them to be on my nose for much longer as being a good German trade mark. Alas! If I didn’t try to get a new pair of glasses not long ago I wouldn’t get so upset. I just couldn’t find a good rim that would fit my face nice. Oh, really I laughed when I saw spectacle’s side broken!
As Russian saying goes-I am going to be a blind kitten for a while. Though English saying is as blind as a bat.
Hahahahaha an electric bulb I bought and changed today burnt a minute ago! hahahahahahaha

the story is being continued