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Roma and I have been feeding ravens in the park lately. It's like a ritual now. First we go to feed birds. Ravens have become used to us,now the most braviest pick up bread on arm's length. I like their eyes, such nice jet-black beads, searching look in them. Maybe they are crows...hmmm interesting...male birds are ravens, female birds are crows. I thought ravens should be fully black ones but these we watch in Botanical garden are mostly grey with black heads and black feathers in their wings. Some birds are very big, maybe old and definitely feeling themselves like kings. Those birds which are thinner and smaller in size are often with some feathers or with the whole wing dragging on the ground. We thought those ravens or crows were kind of sick but today we were witnesses how they get injured. Strong ravens for some reasons fight with others. We were almost shocked when one raven suddenly flew upon other with the dragged wing and literally became to trample it. It was violent. They couldn't fight because of food I think, we always take plenty of buckweat seeds, some bread, or anything Roma didn't eat up. And today we watched two ravens which were cawing at each other, just imagine two big birds with two big open beaks spreading their wings on the ground and shouting at each other! It was a spectacle! I don't know how Roma was taking it and I just was holding him to my knees and kept on talking to him how it was ay-yay-yay-ay to fight. Roma had his own beak opened because of what he had seen.
Roma always loved to chase after doves but now he probably loves little sparrows more. I throw some seeds for doves, a little further some more for sparrows, they fly on seeds like a little cloud and scatter as Roma runs to them in ecstasy...
After feeding birds we usually go to throw a plastic bag in which we brought seeds and bread in a dustbin. Roma calls it kaka and goes all the way to the dustbin holding a bag like a trophy. I teach him that it is very bad to throw rubbish anywhere except a dustbin. Kakas must be in those grey or black boxes with a round hole to throw it in.Roma learned it well. Once, after putting our rubbish, he tried to collect all the other litter in the dustbin. For my luck it was only a beer can and half of a plastic bag, all dry. He seemed not mind to clean all territory, I guess.
Other things my cute nephew loves when I write letters for him on snow and he rubs them off with his hands or feet and says- Netu (no). hahahaha
Well, it's late now...I am glad that I seem to be back to studying again. That's second day that I write down dialogues from Englishtown site, listen to them, repeat...I love it again...
Now--------------- to bed...Sir, yes, Sir!!!

2009-04-03 в 13:11 

Все исполнится, поверьте... Только нам, судьбой забытым, - Тихий хруст зеркальной смерти Под раздвоенным копытом (с)
Oh...I LOVE ravens ^_^ :D


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